Telephony AI Development

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AI Script Development for Dialers

Many business owners and managers ask us what we are capable of developing with our AI development team. We can create full AI chat conversations for your telephone dialers. We’ll take your written script, and your finished product is a fully orchestrated conversation between your customer and an AI bot.
We use Amazon Lex or Alexa audio bots for our telephony creations. We can do inbound or outbound scripts.

What Type of Industries and Support Scripts?

  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Dentistry
  • Medical
  • Employee Pre-Interview
  • Technical Support
  • Product Support
  • Customer Assistance
  • Order Assistance
  • Pre-Sales and Sales
  • In-bound Call Routing
  • Product Ordering

Why Choose Us for Your Telephony AI Needs?

Our marketing and business experience covers a very wide range of industries and services. We have experience in almost every marketing type – mail, email, dialers, postal, and more. We provide lower-cost business solutions, because we use low-cost development solutions. Since our business solutions are so diverse, we know we can provide quality services in other areas of your business, as well. If we earn your business providing dialer products, we know you’ll consider other product and service lines we provide.

What Other Products and Services Do We Provide?

What are some of the features, advantages, and benefits?


  • Scripted for inbound and outbound requirements
  • Scripts work with Vici and other dialers
  • Scripted for Amazon Alexa, Lex, or Polly
  • Can script with SSML or your own MP3 audio recordings
  • Customized with one-on-one meetings


  • Skilled developers from multiple sources
  • We develop at a lower cost
  • We can provide other services besides telephony AI solutions
  • We can provide web products, services, and training
  • We provide excellent and prompt customer support


  • Lower cost than typical telephony AI developers
  • Faster to market with a solution
  • Customized industry solutions
  • Free online demos
  • Custom script diagrams