SSML Training and Alexa Skills Development Resources

During the course of your SSML training and a brief Amazon Alexa Skills overview, the table below lists available resources for your personal education and use. The resources are intended for members, only, and we ask that you not share our proprietary resources with non members. We make every attempt to keep the resources up to date and available for you, our SSML training customers.

During our live training program, we will be using many of these resources for your information and educational purposes. The topics provide voice recognition market statistics, as well as how to use SSML during your training. You'll learn how to apply your newly found SSML skills towards building voice applications, Amazon Alexa Skills, and you'll receive tools for selling SSML training services.

Instructions and Resources
Definition of SSMLGrowth statistics for voice recognition use and servicesSSML tags and how to use themDirect link to SSML tags and attributes
What is SSML?Voice Recognition and Search Statistics Amazon Polly Developer GuideSupported SSML Tags
Spreadsheet with SSML tags, attributes, and audio examplesProvides International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart of phonetic spellingHomographs list with phonetic and IPA spellings with audioAmazon storage, Lambda, and IPA processor cost calculator
SSML tags, attributes and audio examples IPA Spelling KeyHomographs List with AudioAmazon Lambda and IPA Processor Cost Calculator
50% Off - Amazon S3 Training Course Average hourly rate for voice over artistsAverage hourly rate, by state, for Alexa Skills developersTable displaying IPA Phonemes and Visames
S3 Training CourseAverage Hourly Voice Over RatesAverage Hourly Rate for Alexa Skills DevelopersIPA/Phoneme Viseme Table